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  • Baguette Forming

    Baguette Forming

    The baguette forming machine is for shaping long or square french bread with high efficiency for bakeries, restaurants or supermarkets. The frame of this forming machine is made by...

  • Loaf Bread Forming

    Loaf Bread Forming

    Toaster moulder is a good machine to produce the toast/loaf bread, applicable for the degassing and shape repairing of bread such as toast, loaf bread...

  • Hamburger Slicer

    Hamburger Slicer

    Hamburger Slicer:The hamburger slicer is the best choose for KFC,McDonald's...

  • Loaf Bread Slicer

    Loaf Bread Slicer

    Technical data:Dimensions WxDxH : 620x700x720mm.Weight: 80kg.Power: 0.18kW.Maximum cut width: 36cm.Bread height: 8-16cm adjustable. Blade pitch: 12mm...

  • Dough Sheeter

    Dough Sheeter

    A reversible dough sheeter is the ideal sheeter for bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants that require versatility. The floor standing and countertop reversible sheeter from Aocno...

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