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​What are the precautions after toasting bread into the mold?

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As the question "what are the precautions after toasting bread into the mold? "

The degree of final proofing after the dough is put into the mold needs to be accurately controlled according to experience. Otherwise, it is easy to appear that the volume is too small after baking, or the volume is too large and the bread is waisted.

It is necessary to apply oil to the mold to avoid mold release after baking. When entering the mold, the dough should be rolled in the same direction and placed evenly.

The final condition for proofing is that the temperature is 35~38 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is about 85%, and the proofing time is about 100min. Long-term proofing at low temperatures can also be used as needed. Generally, the toast with cover is up to 90% full, and the toast is not covered with a cover. The fermentation endurance and stamina of the yeast will be different, and it needs to be adjusted according to the effect after baking.

The toasted bread with lid is baked at 210 degrees Celsius and fired at 200 degrees Celsius; the toasted bread without baking is 210 degrees Celsius under fire, 170 degrees Celsius on fire, and the egg surface can be brushed before baking. For about 40 minutes, the above temperature and time are for reference only, and should be tested according to the performance of the oven used, and adjusted as appropriate.

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