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There Are Many Biscuits

Release date:[2016/7/28]     Hit Count:[]   

Many people like eat biscuit,then we will tell you some kind of biscuit.
The first one is hello kitty biscuit;This biscuit is very loveliness,so many children and girls kike it.Hello kitty biscuit is not only delicious but also loveliness.

The next one is Caramel biscuits;Caramel biscuits not only could replenish energy but also convenient to carry.So many people like it.

Then is Cranberry biscuits;Cranberry biscuits is not only including biscuit but also including cranberry.So Cranberry biscuits could replenish energy and nutrition。

The last one is Banana soft cookies;Banana soft cookies including banana,so the people who like banana would like the banana soft cookies.

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