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Purple Potato Bread Roll

Release date:[2016/7/27]     Hit Count:[]   

Purple Potato Bread Roll is popular with many people especially girls and children.Purple potato could cancer anticancer and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.And it also could be good for slimming.AOCNO Baking Machinery could help you make purple potato bread roll.

Making Purple Potato Bread Roll is very easy.If you feel it is difficult for yourself, you can use our production to make Purple Potato Bread Roll. Spiral Cooling Tower, Tunnel Oven, Auto Tilting Mixer, High Speed Dough Divider, Fermenting Room, Loaf Bread Forming, Cake Filling Machine and Loaf Bread Slicer, etc.
   Related to machine list:  
1. Dough Mixer

2. Hydraulic Dough Divider

3. Loaf Bread Forming

4. Fermentation

5. Oven

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