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Pudding, pudding English transliteration, free translation is "custard, broadly refers to the pulp material solidified into a solid food, such as Christmas pudding, bread pudding, Yorkshire pudding, etc., common method including baked and steamed, grilled, etc. Narrow, pudding is a kind of half frozen frozen dessert, main material for eggs and milk yellow, like jelly. In Britain, the word pudding can generation refers to any dessert.
Pudding comes from the ancient to represent the mixed with blood sausage "BuDuan" have evolved, with eggs, flour and milk today for material made of pudding, was taught by the Saxon. Medieval monastery, called "a mixture of fruit and oatmeal" "pudding". The official, pudding is in the 16th century era of Elizabeth I, it with the gravy, fruit juice, dried fruit and flour blending together to create. The 17th and 18th centuries of the pudding is made with eggs, milk and flour for the material to.

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