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Marca dragon

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Marca dragon(Macarons, also known asManasseh cardDragon girl, almond small round cakes, crisp) is to the west of FranceD,The most local characteristics food province.It is a kind of protein,Almond powder, white granulated sugar and The icingThe FrenchThe dessert, usually between two pieces of cookies with jam or butter on water filling.
Marca dragon's origin can be traced back to the 19th centuryProtein, almond cake;This dessert after, on the basis of the shell as a round flat, it increases protein, then add on spherical shell, and a half to form a circular small dessert, present a rich on the palate, Macarons also occasionally seen in northeast China in France.Around the "Macaron" is French pronunciation, because language pronunciation in a different way, in Taiwan is English pronunciation, is close to the "dragon" marca, but this is out of the way the French pronunciation, actually the French pronunciation is close to "red" marca.

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