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​Maintenance of bakery equipment

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The daily maintenance of the bakery equipment in the bakery is one of the usual routines. It is mainly to check the external parts of the equipment, including simple inspections such as cleaning, screw tightness, etc., and to keep a record of shifts.

In-depth maintenance method:

Level 1 maintenance: It is mainly based on the operating personnel and supplemented by maintenance personnel. It conducts a regular inspection of the baking equipment and must go deep into the interior of the equipment. It is mainly the partial dismantling of the oven, checking the structure of parts, adjusting the gap between bearings and transmission parts, removing foreign objects, replacing broken parts, and also checking whether the performance of the heater is correct, cleaning the motor and adjusting the electrical devices. This is generally as long as Just do maintenance once a month.

Level 2 maintenance: This is mainly maintenance staff, and the operator assists in a comprehensive inspection of the baking equipment, replacing and repairing some worn parts. Level 2 maintenance includes all items of level 1 maintenance. Disassemble the furnace body of the oven, clean the hearth, replace the insulation materials, etc., check all transmission mechanisms, clean and change oil, replace local or all furnace belts, and clean them up. The stain of the surrounding environment of the oven surface is generally maintained once every six months to one year.

Level 3 maintenance: The operator factor is more important here, because if you want to maximize the performance of the baking equipment, all equipped operators must be proficient in the performance, structure and maintenance technology of the equipment.

For a bakery to operate for a long time, the baking equipment must always be in the best condition, because in this way, a steady stream of consumers can provide delicious bakery products.

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