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Grinding rod

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Grinding rod is a good helper for children who is during the period of right.Grinding rod is designed according to the needs of baby teeth a biscuit. Teeth on the grinding rod not only for the baby, let a teething baby biting is good, can exercise the baby gums tenacity.
Grinding rods would ease the baby in the baby teeth eruption period of difficulties and unwell, Grinding rod alleviate the discomfort, strong gums gums, train baby's ability to grasp and chewing ability, also can appropriate compensatory nutrition. When found the baby drool more, always like to bite, bite fingers, is usually a baby and a half years old or so, no matter have baby teeth, can give the baby to eat molars. Vegetable of Grinding rod  can use homemade molar rod, help the baby as soon as possible familiar with the flavor of the vegetables.

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