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​French Toast / Bread Pudding

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French toast is simple and nutritious, and it can also save the toast that is slightly dehydrated and dried at home. It is the best choice for toast processing.
It is best to soak the toast in a 1:1 egg milk solution. If there is no time, you can soak the toast in the egg milk and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
Put a night of egg milk toast, you can choose to bake in the oven, or you can choose pan frying, because the inside of the toast is not easy to be cooked, so slowly fry until the surface turns golden yellow, then turn over. French toast is fragrant outside, soft inside, French toast can also be combined with many other things, such as powdered sugar, almonds, maple syrup, or made into French sandwiches. Sweet and salty, super recommended.

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