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​Do you know these knowledge points of the baguette?

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The baguette can be made into different lengths of 30 cm, 50 cm, and 70 cm. Conventionally, we make a baguette with a standard of 50 cm!

The baguette is a crispy bread. It is not a simple "hard" word. If you taste a french bread, it should be dry and crisp! On the contrary, if you get a stick and feel the soft outside, it seems to be wet, then most of the stick has been let go for a night or the process / the selection is not correct!

50 cm of the baguette requires a 5-knife knife edge, 30 cm 3 knife, 70 cm 7 knife, the knife edge should be inclined about 20 degrees, the spacing is 2 cm, to "Break the skin without breaking the meat."

The baguette must have "ears", the knife's edge should be exploded, and there must be "ears", which is the embodiment of authenticity. To achieve this step in a stable manner, it must be achieved through hard work.

The inside of the stick is "soft"! Although the outer skin is dry and brittle, its inner heart is soft and moist.

The stick is good, or other french bread, the presentation of the stomata is very important. If the fermentation is not enough, we will find that the cut baguette is not even vented...

People who like to bake, after reading this, do not feel that they need to take up the class, to become an experienced baker, there are really many things to learn!

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