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Arepa is made of ground maize dough or cooked flour prominent. It is a typical food according to the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela. In many countries, arepa is often eaten as their breakfast and can be eaten with various accompaniments like cheese and avocado. Sometimes, people like to split it to make sandwiches. It is very popular because of its maize types, various sizes and added ingredients. There is a similar point with Mexican gordita and Salvadoran pupusa in the aspect of shape. Arepas are also very common in Panama, Puerto Ricoo, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago and the Canary Islands

Arepa flour is specially prepared for making arepas and other maize dough-based dishes. Arepa flour is usually made from white maize, but yellow maize varieties are available. In the process of making Arepa, we could use many helpful machines and equipments to enhance production ability and improve efficiency. For example, dough mixer, hamburger forming, fermentation, spiral cooling tower and oven.

Related to machine list:
1. Manual:
(1) Dough Mixer  
(2) Hamburger Forming

(3) Fermentation  

(4) Oven  

2. Automatic line:
(1) Hamburger Production Line