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  • Hydraulic Dough Divider

    Hydraulic Dough Divider

    This dividing machine introduce high quality element and specially designed with solid frame. The divider equipped with hydraulic pressing and dividing system can be used in bakery for...

  • High Speed Dough Divider

    High Speed Dough Divider

    The dough block machine is plump and good dough region and plump,the machine can accommodate 40 KG face a dough...

  • Volum Dough Divider Rounder

    Volum Dough Divider Rounder

    Unique, different, accurate.Dough absorption adjusted depending on the piece’s weight.Oil free manufactured.Piece counter with automatic stop...

  • Fermenting Unit

    Fermenting Unit

    Huge proofer room will make high cost, AOCNO’s prover unit will solve this problem. You can build a room with bricks, or concrete or any other material and put the prove unit into it...

  • Fermenting Room

    Fermenting Room

    AOCNO proofer can increase temperature quickly, so good quality dough can be produced in a short time. Proofer is made with stainless steel which is durable, long-lasting and clean...

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